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Nice of you to drop by and welcome to Radiationburn. You’ll be astounded to find out, that as a games developer, we actually make games. Some of you may have even deduced that the above image is a pic that links to said games. That’s some super sleuthing there. well done.

We’re currently doing a whole load of stuff, including internet multiplayer for The Living Dungeon (It’s been a long time coming), our new card game, Dead Exit, and a mega space ship game, The Krucer Parallax.

I’m done talking.

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The Infamous Box

Time for the infamous box to make its first appearance. It was infamous on my todo list because I knew it would be quite complicated to implement. Here’s the video.

If you want to decrease your chances being run over by a bus, spend some time with social media.  TwitterFacebook, and Youtube. This technique will not work if you are using the internet on your phone while walking around town. In fact, it will greatly increase your chances of being squished. You have been warned.

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