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Nice of you to drop by and welcome to Radiationburn. You’ll be astounded to find out, that as a games developer, we actually make games. Some of you may have even deduced that the above image is a pic that links to said games. That’s some super sleuthing there. well done.

We’re currently doing a whole load of stuff, including internet multiplayer for The Living Dungeon (It’s been a long time coming), our new card game, Dead Exit, and a mega space ship game, The Krucer Parallax.

I’m done talking.

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Maps… WHY!?!?!

I did something different for this dev diary. more of a ‘thoughts about’ video than dev anything really.  I’m expecting some disagreement on this topic, but bring it on. I think I have a strong case but I’m more than happy to have my mind changed.

Well now that is done. I need to remind you all to do the social media stuff again so you don’t get lost… TwitterFacebook, and Youtube, because … even pretending to be socially involved is a challenge these days.

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