Press outlets gave very favourable reviews to this little game despite its low profile as an independent game with no marketing. Here are a few of the things they said.




"I couldn't think of a wittier way to say "this game kicks ass," so the title says it all. Bullet Trap is a dual-stick arcade shooter with spot-on retro stylings…"


"..Had it been released in the early 90's as a "real" arcade game, I would've pumped a lot more than ten quarters into Bullet Trap--at only 200 points, this game is definitely worth the points!"


Score 9.5/10





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""Bullet Trap" proves that a simple switch in underlying principles can breath a lot of life into a genre."


"There's quite a few levels in the game, and each tweaks the rules and enemy behavior in unpredictable ways, so you won't get bored even after you've gotten the hang of the mechanics; I wish more full-length titles had this many variations on their basic gameplay."


Score N/A



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"The Twin Stick Shooter Award for Not Being Another Twin Stick Shooter"


"Bullet Trap is just insane and chaotic enough to keep it entertaining without being overwhelming…"


Score "Hot Pie"