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Another Scattershot Week


There has been one singular significant thing happening this week, and that is the continuation of Chantelle’s epic destruction and rebuilding of, The Living Dungeon.

The second, significant thing has been a new layer of polish being added to Dead Exit in preparation for the Xbox release. That means new particle effects, some new animations, post processing effects and other, really boring administrative things that shall not be mentioned for fear of me going off on a rant.

The third significant thing we did was invite Josh back just for the purposes of blaming him for errors we created, and virtually murdering him again. In fact, here is another picture of chantelle killing Josh.


Yeah. By now I guess you figured out I was lying about only doing one significant thing this week. You can assume that’s always true. The chances of us working on just one thing during any given week are about the same as J.J. Abrams not using lens flares.

More importantly than the third thing, is the fourth significant thing which is testing. There’s been a lot of testing this week. There’s also been some video editing, and many bits and bobs, as well as more than a few things that went horribly wrong. To give you an idea of just how badly wrong it went.. I had to UVunwrap a 3d model in Max!!!!!


Yes! Actually UV mapping in 3DS Max!?!?! A process that normally in my package of choice might have taken 20 minutes, instead took about 4 hours, not least of all because Max managed to corrupt both my main file, and my backup while pretending to be working fine until I tried to reload after lunch… and also just crashing whenever I tried to move a particular set of verts in the unwrap tool.

Well at least I avoided ranting about the paperwork. It’s been a hard week all round really but at least we got through everything we needed to get through… DAMMIT! Except sending off the translations.

You guys go and follow us on social media. You know that TwitterFacebook, and Youtubee stuff. I have to go send off some translations before I forget again. Bye for now.


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Hate Speech!


Most days I love what I do. Passionately love it, in a barely containable might explode if it got any more enjoyable kind of way. It’s challenging, exciting, and I get to learn new stuff all the time.

But every so often there is a week like this. The horrendous, torturous, painful underbelly of games development. That immoral, corrupt and belligerent stain on our industry. Yes! You know what I’m talking about. ADMINISTRATIVE PAPERWORK!!!!!

I dislike any paperwork that isn’t a design for something, and Ben and I have had to do more than a little of that this week. What particularly gets my goat…Wait. Where on earth does that stupid expression come from. One sec while I google this…

Internet is conflicted. Might be something to do with horse racing, or the navy, or boxing. Who knows? Here. Let me cite my references.


Seems legit.

In other news. Josh is now dead. OK. He’s not dead. Worse than that, he betrayed us in our hour of need, stole the crystal of prosperity and fled into the dark lands. Fine. I admit that’s a lie as well. Josh is fine. He was extremely helpful and even went out of his way to stay with us for longer than he probably should have. Now he has had to return to fight the battles of the expanding Greenlord Empire (which loosely translates as, he had a lot of work to do back at his office). We’ll miss him, and will no doubt blame him for bugs he had nothing to do with for years to come.

Josh has thankfully promised to come back over just so he can fail to stream playing games with us. So at least we can blame him for bugs to his face, in front of the world, and then mute him when he attempts to defend himself. In memory of Josh. Here is a picture of Chantelle killing him.


Speaking of Chantelle. She has been doing super secret stuff on The Living Dungeon. So secret that even she doesn’t know what it is. That might just be because she melted her brain rewriting her old code though. It’s hard to tell. The most worrying thing is that every so often she starts grumbling, hits Control+A, and then hovers her finger over the delete key. We have to bring in the hostage negotiators frequently (and by hostage negotiators I do of course mean placating treats for the grumpy exhausted coder princess). It’ll all be worth it in the end, and that end will hopefully be fairly soon.

Once again we made an attempt at streaming this week. It took us a good ten minutes to sort out the sound issues after starting, which we will blame on Josh for the sake of consistency. Then Ben got kicked from the game, probably due to cheating, and then Josh’s stream became unstable and we had to once again replace him with corgi butt. The game itself worked fine throughout.


Finally, and possibly most importantly to those of you who are trying to get an edge on your Dead Exit nemeses. We made a set of How to Survive videos. The first one is the in game tutorial video, the second is a general look at strategy in Dead Exit, and the third one which will hit youtube today is talking about synergy, using the bodyguard for some examples. If you like winning, these videos are for you.

Also for winners, here’s our social media. Check us out on TwitterFacebook, and Youtube.  Join us next week when Chantelle will review the Russian answer to the Avengers franchise, and I’ll make a video of join the dots. Bye for now.

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Under Construction Again: The Dev Life.



Everyone’s an octopus this week.

Not literally because computers and water don’t mix well, and also because none of us have the powers of transmogrification… as far as I know. We’ve just been working on a bunch of things all at once is what I mean.

The first major thing we’ve been doing is a bunch of minor things. We’ve been iterating Dead Exit on Steam with at least a half dozen updates.

There are many things, both positive and negative that I can say about Steam, but one of the great things about it is that you can update very quickly. This has allowed us to respond to players thoughts and requests very quickly; sometimes to the point that a request was made and the update was in the BETA branch the same day. This is something you just can’t do on any other platform.

The next major thing we’ve been busy working on is the 1.1 update with the extra solitaire mode. This is either going to be called The Washington Trail, or The Texas Trail. The game is set in Texas but they might be heading to Washington, that seemed like a decent idea at the time, but maybe a different state might be smarter. Regardless, dysentery will be the least of their problems.

Less exciting that that has been the fair bit of paperwork, and administration that has been done in preparation for submitting the console versions. This process is a lot slower than the Steam one, but a lot more thorough.

That is one of the main reasons indies such as us will release earlier on PC than console. We aren’t scared of the thoroughness of the submission process, we want to be in touch with the players so we can go back and forth improving the game quickly based on player feedback. That just isn’t possible on consoles. In fact, we’re doing another significant update for The Living Dungeon on Xbox and with the submission process and updates to the Unity Engine, that update is going to take a couple of months by the look of things. It’s a big job, but it will be very much worth it in the end.

Additionally, the Linux version works properly now thanks to Cool Beans Tom popping in and getting that up and running on Steam with me. Here is a picture of him working his magic.


Chantelle also managed to edit down the fourth part of her Creating a Tutorial video series, which is a great insight into a fraction of her coding talent. I say a fraction because she can code in her sleep, but coding while talking was a real (but entertaining) challenge for her.

And finally, we also streamed again this week, and got slightly better at it. I think you could just about hear us all this time, although we hid Josh’s face. I’ll just let you jump to making spurious assertions as to why. It’s an entertaining game and if you missed the Stream Ben will be bringing you all the best bits in a video very soon.

If any or all of what you read sounded interesting, why not follow us on social media with TwitterFacebook, and Youtube.  Our weak and fragile ego’s appreciate your encouragement, and occasional spite 🙂

Now I’m off to go make an explanation of some of the ways you can use and abuse the Bodyguard in Dead Exit. Bye for now.

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Making Things Better Every Day… After Breaking Them

This week we destroyed EVERYTHING! Ok, that’s a complete lie. Everything is going really well on Dead Exit. Should have another little update very soon in fact. It’s The Living Dungeon that we have been ripping apart. We found that we couldn’t update it without giving it a major overhaul thanks to Unity just getting […]

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Dead Exit Released!!!!

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey! This week Dead Exit was released on Steam, and reviews so far have been very positive. We do need more reviews though, so since it’s on launch sale, GRAB IT NOW! Then come back here because we still want to talk to you, and say thank you for buying our game. Of course, releasing […]

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4 Days!

4 Days! That is how long until Dead Exit is released on Steam! We’re hoping you have as much fun with it as all the beta testers have.  We’ve really enjoyed having players come in knowing nothing, and then watch them as they learn the game with cautious attempts at survival turning into gleeful betrayal […]

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Test Tweak Test

Test, tweak, test, bug fix, test polish, test, test, test some more. Tweak some more, test some more. That’s probably an apt description of what we have been doing this week and quite rightly so, because what we are really trying to do now is find any last bugs that might be hiding somewhere in […]

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The Dead Exit Actions Step Data Tool

Hello, it’s Chantelle again! I’d like to talk a little about making tools for Dead Exit in Unity which made the game development process so much quicker and easier for us. In our previous game, The Living Dungeon, players can roll dice or use a card to play an action. There’s only about 20 different […]

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The Undead Apocalypse Approaches Ever Closer,

Hi Everyone. It’s Graham back this week and I’m just going to fill you in on what we’ve been up to. You might be able to work out from the above picture that we were recording some new card sounds, or you may have just been distracted by the Outrider… What do you mean “What’s […]

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Handling Scene Management In Unity

Hi, I’m Chantelle, the lead coder on Dead Exit (although my official title is Slaughter Coordination Engineer). Today I’m going to explain a little about how we manage scenes in Unity. Dead Exit is set on an abandoned rooftop in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. So when we were building the game, we created […]

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