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The Krucer Parallax

RadiationBurn (that’s us!) is incredibly excited to announce another game in our line up of cool games we are making. The Krucer Parallax. You get to play as a whole squadron of space fighters, flying around in formation, looking all cool, and shooting stuff. If you can get past how awesome it is to dart around in cool little ships firing lasers, then you might also notice that the game has a fairly complex universe even when you scratch the surface. Who are the good guys? Who are the bad guys? Well that is a matter for interpretation. Maybe you can decide for your self by going to the website and signing up for one of the two sides. No really. Go sign up!


I realise this announcement is a little out of the blue/black, but last update I did mentioned there was more.  I mean, we hadn’t really been keeping it a secret from anyone… except Ben, because we thought that would be funny. He’d answered the website questionnaire and spent a good deal of time thinking about the politics of the universe the day before we informed him of the game, but he had no idea it was ours, or even a that is was a game at all. Then the next day he was “made aware”. This involved us putting a few little “hints” into Dead Exit. So while Ben was testing unusual things would begin to happen. Amusingly, he was running the game in a tiny window so he completely failed to realise that lasers were flying out of the bases with every card placed. He also failed to notice that the planner standee had been replaced by a GDU intelligence officer. Therefore, when the entire screen was hijacked by a huge logo of The Krucer Parallax there was some confusion, and some profanity.

So here it is for the rest of you. We’ll be updating the website and talking about this game a lot more in the coming week or two. So watch the skies carefully, and by skies I do of course mean our social media. Facebook, the Twitter, and the Instagram.

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Happy Birthday RadiationBurn!!!!!!!!

Six years! That is quite a long time.

So what did we accomplish in the last year then? Only the awesome fantasy adventure board game puzzler thingy known as The Living Dungeon! That came out on PC in late 2015, and on Xbox in early 2016. It’s really good too. Check out this guy’s 9/10 review. We got a fair number of 8/9 reviews so we’re both pleased and grateful that it’s turned out so well. Still, birthdays are a good time for self-reflection and thinking about what we did wrong on this project. More than anything I’d say that we didn’t create a beta testing community and given that we aren’t a large company with a multitude of different setups, that led to some bugs on some people’s systems, and the overall game being a little rough around the edges on release. This obviously led to a few bad reviews that were very disappointing. We fixed those bugs though, the reviews became almost universally good, and overall we’ve got a game that we can be very proud of.

So what about the future? What does RadiationBurn have in store for its seventh year?  Oh Boy! That is a good question and some of the answers I’m going to save for a little later. Here though, is a brief list of things that are on the go, right now!

The community has asked and asked for these things so they are happening. The Living Dungeon online multiplayer is now out on Steam and we’ll continue to update it and support it.  Xbox Live Multiplayer is so close to being out there too. Hold on guys. It’s coming. We are also trying with mixed success, to get The Living Dungeon working on Linux properly. The game actually runs fine, but we’re having trouble with the Steam integration. We’ve also had some requests to put it on Mac. Whether that happens or not remains to be seen because of other obligations. We wouldn’t want to promise something we can’t deliver, because…


We have a new game in the works! DEAD EXIT! It’s a card game involving an odd type of zombie with glowing predator style blood and no eyeballs. There’s a lot of backstory and a little science behind that, but you don’t need to know. Just go check out the web page for the game and start getting involved with us. We’re indie so our community is everything!

Oh there’s more, but that will have to wait a little longer. So keep in touch with us via any and all of the social medias such as the book of deeds and random thoughts, the being concise simulator, and the instant gratification request gallery.

Do eeet!

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STARWARS: The Legend Of Biggs

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away (last bank holiday in Middlesbrough), there was an epic confrontation between the rebel alliance and the powerful imperial army.

I was setting up a little skirmish force when Ben came over and told me I’d need another 200 points. We’d played X-wing miniatures plenty of times, but never an epic battle. This wasn’t going to be the usual dogfighting and tactical manipulation that was usually involved in the game. I’d need to rethink and this was what I came up with…


Admittedly I got lazy and resorted to some of the basics of Lanchester’s Law. Sure. I had a few tricks up my sleeve but essentially I decided to bring a lot of guns and shield’s to the battle. The Z-95s are an exception but they serve a particular purpose. I could have, and probably should have taken another good ship but I opted for taking 30 points worth of proton torpedoes because ummm, it kind f felt right.  Turns out the Imperial force was centred around the Raider which we’d never battled with before, and that was backed up by a heavy support shuttle, and the ever dangerous combination of Vader + Eclipse. If you care you can take a look at the full squad details then they can be found on our site (Rebels here, and Empire here) if that’s something that interests you. In terms of pure fire power both sides had 9 guns with the empire having a slightly higher potential damage output, but in terms of raw hit point totals the rebels had the advantage with 59 total hit points Vs the empires 54 total hit points. The raider can regenerate shields but when it was doing that then it wouldn’t be shooting as much. The empire also had a slight overall agility advantage here but only on the fighters. times for battle.


The rebel strategy is immediately apparent and that is ‘everyone hates Biggs!’ Biggs has a purpose in life, and that is to die first. Take those lasers to the face like a champ. He has no equipment except for the integrated astromech which lets him take another laser to the face. The empire looks like it is proceeding carefully so that it can see what the rebels are doing before committing.


The next turn shows the empire rushing forward looking to start a major flanking manoeuvre, the rebel force flinches slightly and has Ten Numb peel off to take unblockable mangler cannon shots at the enemy coming in. Shooting and the next turn are fairly standard. Ten numb gets a good hit in on eclipse at range 3, stripping her shields. Ello Asty at the front of the squad gets hit by an ion cannon, The raiders other shots are all at Biggs (because everyone hates Biggs) but the rolls are average to poor and Biggs dodges them thanks to a focus and range bonus. We rejoin the game at the real point of impact.


Eclipse chickened out after the hit but Vader is coming in. Unfortunately for him Kayen Farlander broke formation to support the flank and as Vader just in arc. They both do some good damage leaving Vader with a single damage point left. That isn’t the major event of this round. Remember those Z-95s? One of them has a pilot skill of 10 so gets to shoot before everyone else. He was also the only person to take a target lock because he has a tracer missile. It hits the Raider in the nose and Tada! Now the rest of the team has a target lock too, and also a focus. PROTON TORPEDOES AWAY! The raider takes some serious damage to the fore but is still going. It returns fire, (at Biggs of course) but the hated X-wing pilot is lucky enough to only lose a shield this turn. The next turn is going to be an important one. The Raider took a nasty hit and half of the empires force is out of combat.


This is the break off point for some of the Rebel attack. If the Imperial Raider charges forward it won’t have a lot of energy to fight or recharge, but being hit by that monstrosity when it moves is instantly fatal. Thankfully for the Rebels, Ello Asty is a god among … slugs I think: he can nip behind Vader doing a fancy sideways 180 turn and still boost afterwards. Ello’s Wing man unfortunately is not quite so talented but sticks with his slug bro to boost him later.The empire has this angle covered however as the shuttle moves around and into position and Ms Eclipse successfully flanks the Rebels completely. On the down side the Omega leader is still on the wrong side of the Raider and out of range, and teh academy pilot is living up to his name by flying into an asteroid. Meanwhile, the rest of the rebel force stays on target. The Raider advances, but decides to play for time by recharging it’s shields rather than doing lot’s of attacks.


The Raider’s fore is still operational and shielded again, but Poe opens fire on the aft instead. This is because the B-Wings still ahve their target lock on the fore and launch torpedoes. Of course, Vader hates Biggs, so he takes off the rest of Biggs’ shields with a nice shot. Jendon’s Shuttle also slams Cracken in the side with his autoblaster. This is where the otehr little Z-95 comes along with Blount. That guy never misses with a missile, even when he misses. He’s shooting at the Raider though, so he isn’t likely to miss anyway and he hits it with an assault missile which has a nice blast radius effect. The Fore of the Raider is disabled! And Vader only had one hull point left so he goes pop too! It’s a bad round for the Empire overall.


If the Empire is going to turn things around they will need to do some damage, and fast! Jendon holds position to keep everyone in it’s firing ark while the rest of the Imperial fighters charge into attack position hoping to get some good range 1 attacks. The Rebels at this point have made plans in case the raider turns towards them. This kind of manoeuvring is pretty easy for the two T-70s. Poe with BB8 can barrel roll before moving, and Jess can turn on a die with her advanced boost ability. Then there is Ell0 Asty, who’s ludicrous ability lets him 180, after 180 and flip flop his slimy butt right next to Jendon’s shuttle.


The B-wing’s should be getting a pounding here, but everyone hates Biggs, and he’s STILL not dead! The Imperial ships all shoot at him this turn, but with weaker attacks, range bonuses, and a couple of poor dice rolls, Biggs is still managing to hold his ship together using nothing but force of will, or perhaps will of Force? The Tie FO flown by Omega leader is a very hard ship to kill in one on one fights, but here they have two B wing’s and a Z-95 in close range, so the result (unfortunately for the Empire) is brutal and swift destruction. The rest of the rebels are also well positioned. Poe uses his focus to do some damage, and Jess use Opportunist to give her that extra dice. Having lost the ability to regenerate it’s shields the raider’s defences are hopelessly outmatched. The Empires most expensive craft disappears in a cloud of flame and debris.


Is there any It’s now nine ships against three. Normally at this point the empire would call a tactical retreat and the battle would be done, but since this was the first epic battle we’d ever played we agreed to finish it and see what damage the Empire could inflict. the three ships come together withthe benefit of focusing fire, but unfortunately the academy pilot hits another asteroid. This was the most likely Imperial play and the rebels had predicted it. Biggs at this point is just a flaming pile of scrap with engines, so in a effort to stay alive he breaks off this round in the hope of being behind the two ties.  The rest of the rebels however, converge on the central area.


The shuttle is well placed to damage, but with that many guns pointing at it it doesn’t get the chance to shoot. The other Imperial ships do some shield damage to the B-wings but it’s insignificant.


The Empire has one last chance to do some damage and has the academy pilot flip round behind most of the Rebel ships. It’s a mostly successful move given that the rebels are still focused on converging.


The academy pilot’s move has left him out of sight of all but a couple of ships who are also stressed. That’s good because he only has one hull point left. Unfortunately one of those ships is Kayen Farlander, who has a mangler cannon, and can spend his stress token like a focus. The academy pilot goes pop. Juno eclipse on the other hand is quickly finished off by Poe before she can shoot back. It’s finally over.


This was one of the Empires worst defeats in all the matches that have been played. Some poor planning and a bit of bad luck with the attack rolls are to blame, but really the star of the match was the legendary Biggs, who will never get any credit for it because everyone hates him.

I hope some of you found this blow by blow interesting since it was a surprising amount of effort to put together,  Next time we record a battle we might try a time lapse video instead. I’ll add the sound effects myself of course PEW PEW.

It’s never a bad idea to follow our random shenanigans on social media so go do that please on twitterfacebook, and instagram.

And even though it’s a bit late to say it now.

May the forth be with you!


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Tea and, Cake or Death (All out of cake)

Whoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! The Living Dungeon is out now on Xbox and Steam. Go buy it! Seriously! Go buy it! We are all out of cake! I’ve heard that releasing a game is a huge moment for celebration, but that first line of this post is a lie. A filthy dirty lie. We just haven’t had the time to […]

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Tea, no. Cake, very much so.

It’s been an age since we did a tea and cake. Part of that is simply because most of us rarely drink tea and don’t often eat cake, but part of it is just that Fee has not been around to enforce the law. Recently, Thursdays have been more treats and coco. Not particularly British […]

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Living Dungeon looks a little like Return Fire today. What’s that about?

This has nothing to do with anything much other than I really liked Return fire on the PSOne. If you want a better explanation head over to the Dev Diary post at The Living Dungeon website. Else just be confused and play the little game.  

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Oh Yeah! We Changed office over a year ago.

Kinda forgot about all of that. I’d take a picture of the new office but I’m on the other side of the planet right now so I can’t. It’s quite nice, quite big, has some cool pictures on the walls, and has a meeting/gaming room. I’ll get a picture of it when I return to […]

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End of an Era

This week is going to be the last week we spend in our current office. We move out on Thursday. We’re moving into a bigger shinier office but not really because we’re any wealthier. We’re just as poor as we’ve always been. Thankfully the people who run the office building we are moving into are very kind and […]

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Nothing to report.

Things were better this week and progress was steady if not amazing. It was a decent week. Also, this….  

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Late nights aplenty

A number of things went well this week and we got various annoying tax and admin things sorted out. Unfortunately all of our minor successes were overshadowed by a disappointment for a client. Obviously whenever a client is upset, we feel it too by association because client and developer relationships are largely symbiotic, healthy ones are anyway. I’m not sure in […]

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