Tea ‘n’ Cake

The Infamous Box

Time for the infamous box to make its first appearance. It was infamous on my todo list because I knew it would be quite complicated to implement. Here’s the video.

If you want to decrease your chances being run over by a bus, spend some time with social media.  TwitterFacebook, and Youtube. This technique will not work if you are using the internet on your phone while walking around town. In fact, it will greatly increase your chances of being squished. You have been warned.

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Having A Sit Down

It’s another video… with no substantial content. I’m mostly just trying to get a bit faster at making them. Even a simple one takes the better part of a day to produce, but I hope that somewhere in space and time a person or two might find my videos enjoyable.

As usual. Please do the TwitterFacebook, and Youtube. It might give me some kind of superficial validation. you never know.

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A Bit of Tidying Up

A video again this week… Although not a good one. just practicing trying to make them a little quicker and hope I actually develop a style at some point.

The social media thing… is still a thing. Do the TwitterFacebook, and Youtube.  The first makes you ill informed, the second makes you ill informed and depressed, and the third is really bad for making you procrastinate.  Bye for now.

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I’ll Fix It Later

I made a video  this week instead of writing. Normally that would be a lot more work, but I couldn’t be arsed so this one isn’t really. It’s just me, being sad, and a little man squatting.   I also do the social media thing…  just about.  Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube . Bye for now.

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The State of Things!

I felt like Crap most of last week. I’d have drawn something better to represent it but I couldn’t be bothered, my old graphics tablet doesn’t work, and I haven’t rearranged my work space to incorporate the new one in my office yet. I’m sure there are a couple of you who might be chuckling away […]

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Spoilers for Last Week, and Delays

Last week I had taken a break and tried out my new tablet. This week I’m back on with coding but i realize I’m definitely not going to get things up and running in a way I can show you by Wednesday. So my choices are simple. Don’t do a blog, or find something to […]

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Drawing out the new year!

Well. Happy new year. That’s all I can be bothered to write because I was making an Art for you to mock. Watch the videos and you can listen to my babbling rather than just reading it. It should have been up yesterday but upload speeds are not what one would hope in my current location. […]

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Merry Christmas!

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Animation Overkill

I’ll try and keep it short this time. An especially good idea since I’m releasing this on a Wednesday (which apparently means no one will see it anyway so I’m wasting less time keeping it baby sized). I’m continuing on with what I was doing last week… Which is a really stupid comment without context. […]

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A Motion For Compromise!

You might be surprised to find out that the title above has absolutely nothing to do with either Brexit, nor the left right split in american social politics.  You only thought that because it’s practically all you hear about on the news at the moment. No. This is about animation, and the choices made that […]

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