Tea ‘n’ Cake

An Absense Of Sorts… With Spaghetti

I have’t posted for a while. I could give you any number of reasonable and believable reasons for not posting, or tell you that it was indeed a swarm of techno virus infected guinea pigs that stormed the office and sliced things up with tiny retractable buzz saws (some of you may still be thinking […]

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The ISS Thingemy?

  This is “Last Week Tonight!”, but not with John Oliver, and not a political satire in the slightest. It’s a very spurious comparison really,  in that I made this stuff last week, and I’m showing it tonight. I finally got round to fixing the default ship. Still kept it really basic for mainly style reasons… Admitedly […]

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Le Homme et la femme. Deuxième partie!

This week I’m continuing on from what I talked about last week, specifically the evolution of the original chosen concept art. By the end of last week we had made the sculpt of the player characters, but still had a couple of issues to deal with. IF you forgot, or didn’t read, get on back […]

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How a Concept Evolves

The concept art you see for many games is usually a little different from the final version that you see when you play. Sometimes it isn’t, but that’s normally because it isn’t concept art at all, but rather illustration for the purposes of marketing materials. We aren’t going to bother talking about that today though. Today, we […]

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A Variety Of Things That Were Done!

Hi Everybody. Sure. It’s a lazy title given that almost every week I do a variety of coding, designing, animating, and arting… Why is “arting” not a word? Is art supposed to be too metaphysical to be a verb or something? meh. Nevermind that, I need to get on talking about nothing in particular including some […]

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The Complexity of Simplicity

See the picture above. That is an explosion which could be used to demonstrate the concepts that I’ll be talking about this week, but instead I’m just going to leave it there, completely detached from this weeks dev diary except by happenstance to demonstrate that the inside of a ship blows up when the outside does. […]

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Social Mediocraty… And Explosions

There was no blog last week and I don’t even feel guilty about it. That’s because… well, it’s a blog. I didn’t kill anyone or steal someones lunch. Geeeeez, get off your moral 15 blogs a week high horse. OK. Take a minute to get over your ‘lack of blog’ rage… There we go, just breath, […]

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Spool Up The Jump Drive!

Welcome back to another episode of me just talking crap. From the title of this week’s blog you might have guessed I’m a Battlestar Gallactica Fan. I did enjoy it very much overall, and especially loved the very reality grounded look and feel of the tech. I wasn’t big into the spiritual side of things […]

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What’s the Verb for Boundary?

Clank! Clank! Bink! Bink! That’s the noise of things being tinkered with and “mostly” being fixed. Still a lot to get through in the next few weeks but at least there are some visual changes as you can see in the image above. You may also notice that there is an obvious collision bug. Specifically, the […]

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Things Divided by 2

Lots of little things have been happening, although admittedly, the blog being updated hasn’t been one of them. The most amusing thing that has happened is that the world has been properly scaled. All the ships and particle effects and various other things have been shrunk to undo when they were made twice the size […]

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